About Us



Under the solid management of CEO Amit Felman, SOL.ID – “Production Control & Automation”, has been active in the field of Production Floor Control since 1994.

SOL.ID offers executive Production and Monitoring Systems, technological consulting, as well as support and engineering follow-up for the development and improvement of production lines in industrial plants.

We offer a service package highlighting the importance of our creative thinking and smart solutions, many of which are outside the standard “box”.

The Company functions as a One Stop Shop, offering clients comprehensive services for executive and monitoring software for the production floor, adapted perfectly to changing, real- time, on-the-ground requirements.    

Our approach offers a high level of innovation and harnesses advanced technological solutions to ensure our clients gain maximized production activity, an approach that underlies all SOL.ID activities.

Our company’s significant resources are dedicated and committed to channeling the vast experience we have gained in industry, in order to leverage your plant in compliance wih your unique sector and your industry’s specific needs.


Areas of the Company’s Activities

  • Execution of industrial Control & Automation
  • Consultations and production floor project management
  • Technological development consulting, improvement and optimization of production lines – specialized expertise in dairies.
  • Engineering planning including for production lines.
  • Programming programmable controllers (PLC)
  • Developing applications in HMI, SCADA and MES systems.
  • Service, support and trouble shooting of factory control systems
  • Siemens Software control equipment supplier (licensed Siemens integrators).

SOL.ID has over 20 years of experience as a leading company that monitors production in food and beverage plants, with particular expertise in dairy production.

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