• Production Floor

    We at SOL.ID believe in providing the appropriate personal service to each and every customer based on size and needs. Therefore our response to all of our customers, big and small, is made by our Company top experts, offering solutions that will advance you towards success of your business.


    The Company is proud of its impressive list of leading customers in the market, and considers them an assurance of the quality of service we offer, and a mark of faith in our uncompromising excellence.


    Our clients include: Strauss Cheese Dairy, Strauss Yoghurt and Chilled Deserts Dairy, Kimberly-Hogla , Hadera Paper mills, Ha Emek Waste Recycling,. Sollel Solar plant (in cooperation with Arden Control Tech.)

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    • בית אריזה מור השרון
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  • Electrical Engineering

    Our customers include: Menashe Regional Council, Yehuda Regional Council, Pardes Hanna-Karkur Local Council and Hadera Municipality: infrastructure, street lighting, schools and public buildings.

    Schools: the TOM elementary schools, and the AMIT high schools.

    Chevra Kadisha (planning of electricity for multi tiered burial buildings at Ha Yarkon Cemetery, purification rooms and offices)

    Intel, Kiryat Gat (Programming halls for project management).

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