• Production Engineering

    Planning Yogurt Line

    Planning Yogurt Line

    The advanced production processes and complex production that typify the current industrial world, require solutions of advanced automization of machinery and industrial processes.

    These controlled production systems must provide a response to the demands of production while maintaining direct synchronization with the IT systems of the plant.

    SOL.ID maintains your production lines, including professional mapping of the flow of materials on the production floor, organization of work stations, production lines and the required mechanisms for production and control. This is done while emphasizing parameters of comfort and safety – a topic in which we are well-versed as specialists in food and beverage production in general, and dairies in particular. This gives us added value in the maintenance of production lines in relevant areas, in all their complexities.

    At SOL.ID we leverage and channel this professional knowledge in a wide range of technological industrial controls for the benefit of your factory, with our engineering and planning capabilities accompanying the project’s life span from start to finish.

  • Power Electrical Engineering

    Power Electrical Engineering

    Power Electrical Engineering

    SOL.ID has a professional team of leading electrical engineers, who provide Production Engineering and Power Electrical Engineering services.


    The company provides consultations and planning of electrical installations, project planning of electrical infrastructure, high voltage, low voltage and industrial equipment including: electricity infrastructure, low and high voltage cables, planning of high voltage electricity and high voltage electricity junction rooms, transformers, low voltage distribution panels, design of electrical systems and equipment for industrial plants, renewable energy facilities such as wind farms and solar farms (photovoltaic), public buildings, offices, laboratories etc.


    The Company’s professional experience enables us to commit to excellent planning and executive processes while adhering to time schedules, and it allows us to clearly understand the range of our customers’ requirements. This begins with analyzing them, continuing though detailed planning, preparation for tenders, precise evaluation of the planning all the way through to supervision, while analyzing accounts and the contractors stages of execution.  

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