• Consulting

    The SOL.ID Consulting Division offers consulting services which include management of the production floor and production processes.  Following consultations there is an in-depth examination and evaluation of the factory’s requirements as indicated in the present, and planning for the future. The aim is to increase the plant’s productivity by optimizing efficiency, saving raw materials, reducing the number of faulty products and by improving energy consumption.


    Our consulting services include: engineering and technological analysis of the production floor; identification of bottlenecks in production lines; proposing efficient operational solutions and cost effective implementation of resources. All this is carried out by means of professional and cordial cooperation with the factory staff.

  • Planning

    Modern complex production processes necessitate and coexist with advanced automation of industrial and mechanical processes. When controlled production systems are required to align with complex production, the SOL.ID team gets involved in the industrial complexity. It makes an in-depth study of the situation and assists in finding cutting-edge programming and development solutions that will actually improve the standard and results of the plant’s production.



  • Development

    Implementation of industrial control projects (manufacturing lines, production floor, machines, etc.). Support for development of new products and improvement of the production processes of existing products (specializing in dairies).

    Programming, service and support of programmed logic controllers (PLC’S) for the monitoring of manufacturing processes. Vast experience with controllers, equipment and programs manufactured by Siemens (Step7, TIA Portal, WinCC, PCS7)

    Development of software for all the HMI and SCADA systems that operate and manage the industrial floor. Specializing in Schneider Electric’s Wonderware and SIEMENS HMI and SCADA systems (WinCC,SIMATIC-TI)

    Support and service maintenance for existing control systems in industrial plants.

    Communication solutions based on the customer’s requirements. Appropriate, efficient and reliable communication solutions are the pre-requisite of successful planning and construction of industrial control systems.

  • Commissioning

    SOL.ID accompanies you throughout all stages of implementation of the project and beyond. During the commissioning, SOL.ID experts are on site to install the new program or changes (after they have been tested on a simulator) and to assure that the procedure is running. The commissioning is intended to verify that the process meets the requirements as they were defined and that all other ongoing functioning processes in the plant remain intact.

    This stage is the final element of execution of the project and its completion. The customer then confirms that the project has been satisfactorily completed. Following this stage, we enter the period of guarantee as defined in the contract, and then the Company offers ongoing service at the plant, remote support or on-call service to solve problems or for necessary additions or changes. The ongoing maintenance service and fast response to varying challenges ensure the manufacturer’s stable and reliable operation.

  • Service and Maintenance

    SOL.ID offers advanced maintenance service to ensure fully stable functional operation of plant control systems.  The skilled Company team provides regular ongoing response to service and maintenance calls and to sporadic calls that occur based on necessity. Our service and maintenance division is in place to grant all necessary professional support for the control units installed in the various plants, responding fast and efficiently to calls from all locations.

    SOL.ID’s services are provided by the knowledgeable and experienced professional team that accompanies you throughout the process, ensuring your plant  functions with smooth, effective and faultless productive operations.

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